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Winslow Ratliff Jr. (ˈwinzˈlō ratˈ- liff) noun

Worshipper. Servant. Vessel.


A native of  North Carolina, Winslow Ratliff Jr. was born with an undeniable passion and exuberance for true, God-centered praise and worship. Known for his high-spirited and energetic staging, Winslow began his leadership role in music ministry with conducting choirs at the  age of 11. Using his God-given competency for facilitating music, he continued to govern choirs in his area with a nucleus of promoting spiritual growth within music ministry.


Winslow established WRJ ministries in 2006, where he currently ministers dynamic praise and worship with impeccable style and irrefutable humility. “The intent of leading worship is not to evoke an emotional experience, but to literally place your finger on the pulse of the move of God in order to identify the sound that will usher in His presence.. One of our first duties and responsibilities is to be vulnerable enough to acknowledge and trust God in all of our ways and he will direct our paths (Proverbs 3:5-6).. Heeding God's direction, aligns us with his will,and the humility that results from being in his will, magnifies Him. Less of us and more of Him.. that's worship” ~WRJ


Winslow has assisted in ministry with the likes of artist such as : Kierra Sheard, Michelle Prather, Hezekiah Walker and the WIDU choir, Stephen Hurd, Zacardi Cortez, Todd Galberth, Cheryl Fortune and many more.

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